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YOU belong here

Just come as you are.

An expecting first time mom who is scared, excited, and overwhelmed of the thought of bringing a new human being into this world.

A new baby girl who struggles with sleep and is driving mom and dad to exhaustion.

A young boy who is a great kid but has a really tough time focusing and sitting still at school. Whose teacher is consistently telling the parents he is a distraction.

A mom who is sick and tired of watching her child struggle. Sick and tired of staring at a google screen trying to figure out why her child hates haircuts or going new places.

A dad who works so hard to provide for his family and feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. Who is afraid to complain or slow down for even a second because that would show weakness and you tell yourself “I’m supposed to just power through everything”.

A family who wants to experience being a part of a community of people who expect more. To be a part of a community that accepts you for who you are and to help you through the tough times.

In a world that tries to make you a million things you’re not, here you are celebrated for exactly who you are. Regardless of labels and diagnoses. Regardless of struggles and hardship. Regardless of fear and worry.

You BELONG here.