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We believe in health, we believe in happiness, we believe in a brighter future. What do you believe in?

One thing I strongly underappreciated during my first few years as a doctor and parent is my belief system. I thought that was a fluffy and unimportant concept that I didn’t have time to be attentive to. Boy was I wrong. Thankfully I have amazing mentors. Through my training I have come to realize how important a strong belief system is. I have discovered the way most American parents believe and even more importantly, how it is affecting the health of our kids. Our beliefs dictate our actions, our actions create results, and those results confirm our beliefs. What are these beliefs that are affecting the future generations? Let’s go over them…

As you read through this list, really pay attention to each one and consider how it has affected you and your kids. When it comes to health, most parents currently believe:


  1. We are born to be sick
  2. Healing comes from medications
  3. Our bodies always need help and symptoms need to be suppressed
  4. Sickness is normal
  5. Feeling well = Being well
  6. Health isn’t my responsibility (it’s my doctor’s and my insurance’s responsibility)
  7. Chiropractic is for bad backs

This unhealthy belief system dictates these unhealthy actions:


  1. Become used to sickness
  2. Resort to medications for every symptom
  3. Negative thoughts
  4. Couch, TV, fast food, laziness
  5. Assume we are healthy because we feel good
  6. Not being responsible for actions
  7. Never get adjusted

These unhealthy actions create these results:


  1. Sick kids, sick family, sick future
  2. Side effects from medications
  3. Chronic stress
  4. Obesity
  5. Slowly become chronically ill
  6. In denial
  7. Nervous system does not function correctly

We have a chance to change this cycle! And it starts with our belief system. I want to challenge you to challenge yourself into looking deeply at your current state of belief and see how it dictates your actions. Our bodies were born perfect, and the type of healthcare that I prefer addresses these belief systems:


  1. We are born to be well
  2. Healing comes from within
  3. We don’t need any help, we just need no interference
  4. Health is normal
  5. Feeling well does not mean being well
  6. I am responsible for my health
  7. Chiropractic care is to express the healing power from the inside

This belief system of health dictates these healthy actions:


  1. Become used to health
  2. Look at symptoms as the bodies way of healing
  3. Positive thoughts
  4. Good food, highly active, driven
  5. Always strive for a greater level of health, regardless of how we feel
  6. Responsible for our actions
  7. Get adjusted weekly!

Our healthy actions create these results:


  1. Healthy kids, healthy family, healthy future
  2. Side effects only from health
  3. Chronic happiness
  4. Fit, full of energy
  5. Slowly reaching a greater level of health
  6. In acceptance of what we can control, free of what we cannot
  7. Nervous system functioning at 100%

Changing your results starts with changing your belief system. We believe in health, we believe in happiness, we believe in a brighter future. What do you believe in?

-Dr. Alex


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