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Tired of the cycle of ear infections? Try this!

Ear infections don’t have to be a constant cycle. Chiropractic can help!

Time and time again we hear a version of these words from parents in our clinic. Parents have been stuck in the “routine” of sleepless nights with an inconsolable child and an overall feeling of exhaustion. Ear infections are one of the most common childhood illnesses which have truly become an epidemic in our country. Generally, treatment for ear infections includes rounds of antibiotics. While the antibiotic may be killing the bad bacteria contributing to the infection, it is also killing the good bacteria that our bodies? need? to fight off infections. Without good bacteria our children are more susceptible to infection, thus leading to more infections. Sounds like a vicious cycle right?

What if I told you pediatric chiropractors could help break that routine? What if there was a way REDUCE the frequency of ear infections so that you didn’t have to “get used to it”? What most parents don’t know, is that chiropractic has shown significant benefit to reducing the frequency ?and? duration of ear infections in children. The best part, all of this can be done without the use of antibiotics. So how do we do it?

Our first job is to address the neurological component, the stuff we are good at! Nerves control all functions of our body. The nerves at the very beginning of our spine control our immune system. If those nerves can’t do their job because of interference, our immune system suffers and reacts by producing symptoms. Our gentle adjustments remove interference to those nerves so that our bodies can naturally fight off infection. A strong immune system leads to reduced frequency of ear infections.

Secondly, we address the drainage problem associated with ear infections. Poor drainage of fluid in the ear canal basically creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and multiply which ultimately leads to an infection. As mentioned, our nervous system is the master controller. The muscles surrounding the middle ear canal, where fluid accumulates and ear infections begin, are controlled by the nerves of the upper neck. Specific adjustments to the upper neck removes interference to the nerves supplying these muscles allowing them to relax. This will allow their ears to drain naturally, like they are supposed to. The quicker the fluid can drain, the shorter duration of the infection because we are no longer providing the ideal environment for bacteria to grow and multiply.

As pediatric chiropractors, we are NOT here to cure your child’s ear infections, but rather give them all the tools they need to fight the infection themselves. We owe it to our kids to give them a chance to do the job they were meant to do rather than interfering with medications that can lead to a mound of side effects.

If you’re ready to break the routine of continuous cycles of infections, schedule an appointment to see how chiropractic can help!

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