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Three reasons to see a chiropractor regularly

You have heard me use that fancy word, subluxation, a lot lately. It’s for good reason, because it is the single GREATEST thing that robs you of your potential. So since it’s that important, let’s talk about what causes it!

What causes subluxations?

There are three causes of subluxation: physical, emotional, and chemical. It is easy to understand the first one. If you slip on a banana peel or get hit in the head by a flying squirrel you can damage your spine. A PHYSICAL event causing PHYSICAL damage.

The second two causes aren’t as commonly understood. Did you know that stress can damage your spine? Well now you do! Stress is actually the single largest cause. reported that 83% of working adults are stressed about their jobs. Not only will stress cause our muscles to be tense and damage our spine, but it will also cause hormone and chemical imbalance which further damages your health.

The last cause is chemical, and these causes aren’t as obvious as the others. Our environment is filled with toxic chemicals. They are in our food, in our air, in our water, literally everywhere! These chemicals also cause damage to your spine.

Our spines protect our nervous system

So why do we ultimately care about our spine? It protects the gateway between our brain and the rest of our bodies, our nervous system. If our spine isn’t healthy, we aren’t healthy. It’s as simple as that! The good news is that we can help! Our hydromassage bed is an awesome way to reduce your stress. Our chiropractic care is second to none as we have trained extensively in many different gentle techniques. Waiting until you are in pain is like waiting to brush your teeth until they are rotting out. Doesn’t make sense does it? Don’t wait until your spine is rotting. Take a few minutes now to invest in a healthy life later. Your future self will thank you for it!


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