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"The tiger is always in the room"

A mom looked at me with eyes that were ready to pour with tears. Face exhausted and stressed.

We just went over the scans of her nervous system and her face told me just as much as her words.

She has 3 kids, eats healthy, works out when she can, but felt like something was still off. She felt like it was all she could to just make it through the day. She was getting frustrated easily with her husband and her kids. She knew something was off, but she didn’t know what it was. She assumed it was just “getting older” or “the normal stress of a family”. She saw other chiropractors before who didn’t evaluate and measure her nervous system and the help didn’t really seem to last.

She said “I can tell when I need to be adjusted because I can’t sleep as well.” That is when she would call up her last chiropractor. She would go once or twice, sleep better for a day or two, and then it was back to before. Until she saw her scans, the conversation changed.

“The stress has really been adding up, especially in the last 2 months” she says.

Based on her scans, we found her body is stuck in sympathetic overdrive, known as “fight-or-flight”.

Her body thought there was a tiger in the room.

How would your heart rate be if a tiger was in the room? What would happen to your stress level? Your sleep? Your rest? Digestion? Sexual function? Focus? Creativity? Muscle tone?

We looked at her scans and I showed her that this is how someone functions when the tiger is in the room.

She looked at me and said “The tiger is always in the room.”