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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Bringing relief and support for moms in all stages of pregnancy!

How does chiropractic care for pregnancy work?

Your brain and nervous system control every single thing in your body. It is what controls the growth and development of your baby, the muscles of labor, how fast you recover, and everything in between. This is why it is so important to care for this system, especially during pregnancy. From conception to birth, your body is going to experience a variety of physical and hormonal changes. Our job is to make sure your body can adapt to these constant changes, and you are able to enjoy your whole pregnancy! 

With regular chiropractic care, we can ensure your brain and nervous system remains healthy and free of interference so that you and your baby are healthy! We also have a Registered Nurse with a background of Labor and Delivery and a Birth Doula on staff to answer any questions you may have about pregnancy.

Common Questions We Hear

Why should I be adjusted during pregnancy?

Chiropractic care before and during pregnancy can help your body prepare for the labor and delivery process, quickly recover after having your baby, and help bring comfort during the postpartum period. By getting adjusted, you are setting up an optimal environment for baby to grow and develop during your pregnancy and prepare for delivery

How is a pregnancy adjustment different than a regular adjustment?

Pregnancy adjustments specifically focus on balancing your pelvis. Our doctors use three different sized pillows so you can comfortably lay on your stomach throughout your pregnancy. Check out our page on Webster Technique for more information.

What are some of the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Chiropractic care during pregnancy has been shown to:
-Create an optimal environment for your baby 
-Shorten labor times
-Allow more room for baby to grow and move freely
-Improve your energy levels
-Enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy 
-Reduce the need for interventions during labor and delivery

When should I start chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Ideally before you even know you are pregnant! You can start care at any stage during your pregnancy to help ensure the best experience possible, but the sooner the better. We also recommend that you have your baby checked as soon as possible after they’re born to give them the best start to life!

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