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Postpartum Chiropractic Care

Start your postpartum journey at Maximized Chiropractic!

All of the mental, physical, and emotional changes during the postpartum period can really take a toll on mom! Chiropractic care can enhance the quality of your experience postpartum and set the tone for many years to come. By making sure your nervous system is clear and working at maximum efficiency, your body is able to adapt to these major changes you are experiencing. Postpartum chiropractic care has been shown to help moms get more restful sleep, increase breastfeeding outcomes, ease the healing process, and so much more! At Maximized Chiropractic, we want mom and baby to be happy and healthy- that all starts with the nervous system! You deserve the best transition into postpartum and we want to make your journey as smooth as possible.

How does chiropractic care for kids work?

The reason chiropractic care for kids is so effective, is because it improves the body’s natural abilities. Your child’s brain and nervous system control everything in their body. In order for them to grow and develop as healthy as possible, any interference from this system needs to be removed. So, our job is just to gently remove interference that our spine can cause from stress.

Find comfort in your postpartum journey

You’ve just gone through 9 months and are transitioning into motherhood for a new child. This postpartum time comes with lots of changes. It is easy to forget how much time is needed for healing and recovery, often times up to a year. At Maximized Chiropractic, we make sure your nervous system is clear and working at maximum efficiency so that you are able to adapt to the new life and enjoy your new baby! We are also a shoulder to cry on, a friend to vent to, and a fellow parent that knows what you’re going through. With Chiropractors, Certified Lactation Counselors and a Registered Nurse on staff, you can find comfort in knowing your postpartum journey is supported here.

Why is chiropractic care important during the postpartum period?

The postpartum period can come with A LOT of hormones, body changes, stress, anxiety, and emotions. Along with taking care of a new baby, you need to take care of yourself too! Adjustments during the postpartum period will help your nervous system adapt to the transition it’s going through. The quality of your experience postpartum can set the tone for many years to come!

Postpartum chiropractic care has been shown to:

  • help get more restful sleep
  • increase breastfeeding outcomes
  • ease the healing process
  • reduce discomfort
  • so much more!
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