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Maximized Chiropractic Reviews

Maximized Chiropractic logoWhat Our Bismarck Patients Say

At Maximized Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Started taking my 6-week-old daughter to Dr. Alex after she started showing symptoms of colic. He scheduled an appointment for me the next day. He explained to me how traumatic birth can be on a baby, plus with having an emergency C-section, the stress level on not just me, but her was increased. He explained everything in detail on how he was going to adjust my daughter and what I could expect in continued care. They have helped my daughter through teething, becoming a better sleeper, she’s not as restless, and is a super happy baby. So glad we were referred to them last year. I don’t think I could have made it through my daughters first year without their care and support.

They have also started adjusting me. As a new mom I fell into the routine of making sure everything was great for my daughter and husband and my health and well-being fell to the roadside. With their continued support, I am on my way to becoming a better, healthier mom. Maximized Chiropractic’s team is the BEST!!!!!!!

Wish I Could Give Them More Than Five Stars


Words cannot describe how wonderful Maximized Chiropractic is. Dr. Alex is so caring and understanding, and gives you time to voice your concern and comments. He does a great job at explaining everything that a person needs to know about everything that he does. he is so very careful and gentle with kids because he knows how important they are, and he is all around a wonderful person.

As soon as I stepped foot in Maximized Chiropractic I was at ease. The environment is very positive and reassuring. The place is very clean and kid friendly, and my daughters favorite-there’s not very many rules! :-) Whitney and Karly greeted us with smiles and helped my daughter get comfortable with all of the toys, activities, and fun things they have to offer. They are so sociable and easy to talk to and actually take the time to get to know you as a person rather than just a customer. A 5 star rating is honestly not even enough to show how much I love Maximized Chiropractic!



We have a large family (6 kids) and we have been following Dr. Alex’s wellness plan recommendations for a long time. We all sleep better, less wetting the bed, get sick much less, and we all feel better. The kids really look forward to going! We love how kid-friendly the office and staff are. I also appreciate the genuine interest Dr. Alex and Whitney show in our family and in our health. The knowledge that you’re doing something great for your kids, the caring staff, the 10 minutes of peace on the massage bed, and the access to all of their information is priceless!


They Are A Complete Package Deal

I initially came into the office looking for advice and support on getting my son to sleep better. After learning that getting my baby adjusted might help with sleep issues we began care right away. We quickly noticed the adjustments helped with the reflux he was having at night and he was no longer crying in pain. Some of my favorite things about Maximized Chiropractic is they give me hope and encouragement! Our world today has us all in such a rush, all the time, that we barely give or receive the time we need from others. At Maximized Chiropractic, it’s different! Whitney and Dr. Alex always have the time for you and any question, thought, or idea you may have. Most importantly, they help remind me to trust my intuition and that I got this! It will only take one visit to realize the care at Maximized Chiropractic is above all the rest. They are a complete package deal. Not only do they help se my son’s health down the right path, they also offer free advice, guidance, support, and love. Who doesn’t need more of that!


Hudson D

If I Could Tell Another Mom One Thing…

We initially came into see Dr. Alex for our 3-month old’s colic. After beginning care, we very quickly noticed he became less fussy, had less digestive issues, and started to sleep better! They have an amazing family atmosphere. We always feel welcomed and look forward to visiting. It’s great to get advice from Whitney, while my son gets adjusted by Dr. Alex. If I could tell another mom one thing, it’s that you should start at Maximized Chiropractic when your child is a newborn! Next time, we won’t wait 3 months before getting our baby adjusted regularly!


Dr. Alex Cares

Kensley and Kason

If someone told me my body would be in this good of condition last year at this time because of chiropractic, I honestly wouldn’t have believed them. I was always firm on not going into any doctor, in any field unless absolutely necessary because that’s just the stubborn person I am. Last year at this time I started having a lot of body aches and headaches quite often to the point where it started to become unbearable.

Later, towards the fall of last year 2016 I was speaking to my sister in law about my physical issues and she referred me to Dr. Alex. My first visit was very laid back and I didn’t feel like a dollar sign or “another patient,”

Dr. Alex CARED about my physical well being. He CARED that I was in pain, and has always made sure to fix the problem as best to his ability. Fast forward to now, April 2017, I can honestly say I wouldn’t do without Dr. Alex as our FAMILY chiropractor, yes you read that correctly. Not only do I go in routinely for an adjustment, but my two year old daughter and my fiancé (who was against the entire thing) go in routinely as well and we all walk out feeling amazing!

He is so patient and caring towards our daughter, in fact she ASKS to go see Dr. Alex. I guess all I have left to say is, it’d be your loss if you didn’t give Maximized Chiropractic a chance, because THIS PLACE puts families health first. Thank you to Dr. Alex, his wife and son for always giving us your best welcome as we walk through your doors and of course we will be in soon again for our adjustments.



Healthy Pregnancy

I started seeing Dr. Alex for sciatica pain during my second pregnancy. After dealing with painful sciatica with my first, I decided to try chiropractic care the second time around when the sciatica started (which was much earlier in the 2nd pregnancy!) My sciatic pain throughout the rest of my pregnancy was very minimal. I also believe that because of my regular visits, I was able to have a safe and healthy delivery. I now take our little one there for adjustments to help keep her happy and healthy :-) It’s a clean and comfortable environment….and there’s a hydro message bed that you can use before or after your adjustment


Improvements in health for our entire family

Ezekial and Zoriah 2

Where to begin…. Lets start with the name “Maximized Chiropractic” is such a fitting name for this company. They help not only you personally, but your family too. They strive and focus on maximizing overall health and keep your family going strong. The staff there is very knowledgeable in these areas. The team that Dr. Alex has put together is top notch. The helpful tips to improve my overall health and my kids health when it come to nutrition has been truly a blessing. Each time I go there I’m learning more about myself but I’m also seeing my improvements and areas I need to work on. I love the fact that they actually have a system in place to monitor where I have been hurting or out of place, and checking those points and give me tips to make sure they stay in place. IF YOU’RE LOOKING TO IMPROVE AND Maximize YOUR life and health I would recommend them to you. They are family friends and easy to talk to and understand.


Ella 2

I highly recommend Maximized Chiropractic in Bismarck!

My husband and I have gone to them since Dr. Alex Coleman opened and we have taken our 13 month daughter to him since she was born. Dr. Alex has been there through a number of chiropractic/parental struggles and been there with us every step of the way…

Whitney Coleman has so much knowledge in physical exercise training as well as this new experience of becoming a parent!  Everything from A-Z… She even teaches a course called the Happiest baby on the block at Sanford hospital!


Help for 10 month Old

Noah 2

Maximized chiropractic is excellent! Dr. Alex is phenomenal at educating in a gentle yet informative manner.

Recently, when my son was 10.5 months old, he was sick for the first time. We went to the walk in clinic because our primary pediatrician was booked and due to his increased symptoms, and with some hesitation ended up putting him on an antibiotic. He still wasn’t his happy go lucky self even five days after the last dose.

I took him to Doctor Alex and informed him that I didn’t bring him in prior to the walk in clinic because I didn’t want to expose him to what my son had. Dr Alex compassionately responded by stating he appreciates that, but next time we are more than welcome and encouraged to come in as that’s when our little guy really needed an adjustment.

Dr Alex adjusted him and before we even left the building my little guy was back to “running” ( more like a 10.5 month waddle :)) up and down the hallway and babbling and smiling … AMAZING!

Thank you Dr. Alex and family for your shining example of living a maximized life.


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