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Maximized Chiropractic Reviews

Maximized Chiropractic logoWhat Our Bismarck Patients Say

At Maximized Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Pediatric Care | Digestive Issues Resolved | Improved Sleep

We initially came into see Dr. Alex for our 3-month old’s colic. After beginning care, we very quickly noticed he became less fussy, had less digestive issues, and started to sleep better! They have an amazing family atmosphere. We always feel welcomed and look forward to visiting. It’s great to get advice from Whitney, while my son gets adjusted by Dr. Alex. If I could tell another mom one thing, it’s that you should start at Maximized Chiropractic when your child is a newborn! Next time, we won’t wait 3 months before getting our baby adjusted regularly!

- Kelsey -

Pregnancy Care | Less Sciatica Pain | Pediatric Care

I started seeing Dr. Alex for sciatica pain during my second pregnancy. After dealing with painful sciatica with my first, I decided to try chiropractic care the second time around when the sciatica started (which was much earlier in the 2nd pregnancy!) My sciatic pain throughout the rest of my pregnancy was very minimal. I also believe that because of my regular visits, I was able to have a safe and healthy delivery. I now take our little one there for adjustments to help keep her happy and healthy. It’s a clean and comfortable environment and there’s a hydro message bed that you can use before or after your adjustment.

- Taylor -

Family Wellness Care | Improved Sleep | Less Bed-Wetting

We have a large family (6 kids) and we have been following Dr. Alex’s wellness plan recommendations for a long time. We all sleep better, less wetting the bed, get sick much less, and we all feel better. The kids really look forward to going! We love how kid-friendly the office and staff are. I also appreciate the genuine interest Dr. Alex and Whitney show in our family and in our health. The knowledge that you’re doing something great for your kids, the caring staff, the 10 minutes of peace on the massage bed, and the access to all of their information is priceless!

- Erin -

Pregnancy Care | No Pain | Birth Planning

Absolutely love my weekly appointments at maximized chiropractic. I was very hesitant when I was first pregnant of someone adjusting my back. After a few months of suffering from back pain due to long hours at the hospital and being pregnant I decided to check them out. Dr. Alex and his wife Whitney have such a “homey” feel to their office and welcomed me in like we had been friends for years. They explained every benefit and what goals they had for me during pregnancy and even after. I’m now 30 weeks pregnant and have no back pain and am feeling more prepared for labor than I was before! Seriously check them out if you are a young mom or new mom, they are so knowledgeable and helpful!

- Mikayla -

Family Wellness Care | Less Pain | More Balance and Control

Over the past year I made the commitment to be a regular patient of Dr. Alex. I used to believe that I only needed to go to a chiropractor if I felt out or if I had injured myself. After one year I can say that I feel great. When I’m at work I feel more balanced and in control of my body. I also have less aches and pains at the end of my day. In addition, our family was blessed with our first baby girl. Maximized Chiropractic made the entire pregnancy a wonderful journey. The entire Maximized Chiropractic staff offers great lactation counseling, doula services, events and a wonderful atmosphere for kids of all ages. I am happy to say that we have a Maximized life!

- Alex -

Pediatric Care | Less Reflux | Improved Sleep

I initially came into the office looking for advice and support on getting my son to sleep better. After learning that getting my baby adjusted might help with sleep issues we began care right away. We quickly noticed the adjustments helped with the reflux he was having at night and he was no longer crying in pain. Some of my favorite things about Maximized Chiropractic is they give me hope and encouragement! Our world today has us all in such a rush, all the time, that we barely give or receive the time we need from others. At Maximized Chiropractic, it’s different! Whitney and Dr. Alex always have the time for you and any question, thought, or idea you may have. Most importantly, they help remind me to trust my intuition and that I got this! It will only take one visit to realize the care at Maximized Chiropractic is above all the rest. They are a complete package deal. Not only do they help se my son’s health down the right path, they also offer free advice, guidance, support, and love. Who doesn’t need more of that!

- Miranda -

Pregnancy Care | Pediatric Care | Shorter Labor

I had an extremely fast and wonderful birth which I solely attribute to getting adjusted EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. during my pregnancy!  Any of my mom-to-be’s should definitely go see Dr. Alex to help them have a smooth birth experience like I did!  My daughter also started getting adjusted immediately and continues to weekly and she has been such a great baby.  I couldn’t recommend anything more than consistent chiropractic care during pregnancy and beyond!

- Lindy -

Fewer Ear Infections | Faster Recovery | Improved Sleep

I initially came to Maximized Chiropractic to explore alternative treatment for my son’s chronic fluid in his ears and ear infections. After starting care, my son’s ears cleared up, he started sleeping through the night, his appetite improved, and now he has a normal tympanogram! In addition, when my son gets a cold now, his body seems better equipped to fight it and it doesn’t linger like before. The care we received is beyond what I expected. We are listened tom heard, never rushed, and are always educated through the process. The team is incredibly welcoming and supportive. My only regret is not bringing him sooner. As a mom of 3, it feels good to have found alternative, holistic treatment for my children. The results speak for themselves.

- Rhiannon -

Pediatric Care | Improved Sleep | Digestive Issues Resolved

We started going to Maximized when my little guy was 6 weeks old.  He was having issues with sleeping, gas pains, and acid reflux.  We began seeing improvements right away! Now, 6 weeks later, he is sleeping 8-9 hours every night, and no longer shows and signs of reflux or gas pains.  Dr. Alex and the rest of the staff are friendly and always make us feel welcome.

- Janessa -

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