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Empowered Pregnancy

We are here to support and guide you through your pregnancy journey!

A Happy, Healthy Mom And Baby

Your pregnancy is a time filled with incredible changes that lead up to one of life’s most exciting occurrences – the arrival of your new baby! Every woman experiences this journey differently and deserves support and empowerment throughout the process. No matter what your journey looks like, the whole team at Maximized is here to support you! We have three doctors certified in the Webster Technique, a Registered Nurse with a background in Labor & Delivery, and a Birth Doula on staff to help you feel confident during your pregnancy. Our passion for supporting pregnant moms goes above and beyond!

Empowered Pregnancy

Maximized Chiropractic’s team is ready to empower mothers with all stages of pregnancy.

Webster Technique

Webster Technique helps create the optimal environment for a baby!

Birth Planning

We will guide you through all the options of your birth journey!

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Common questions during pregnancy

Get the answers you need and enjoy the most incredible, EMPOWERED pregnancy with us by your side.

Is chiropractic care safe for pregnancy?

Yes! Chiropractic care for pregnant moms can be done comfortably with pillows that support you, even when you’re unable to lay on your belly. These adjustments are every gentle. They don’t involve any added twisting or stress on the pelvis. It has been shown to be extremely safe and effective prenatal care.

Do you have some helpful educational videos?

Absolutely! We have a new video course at Maximized Mama available for purchase.

Here are some free pregnancy specific videos:
Is it ok to workout while pregnant?
Empowered labor and delivery. YOU are in charge of your body!
Wilder’s birth story
When is the soonest I can bring in my new baby?

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