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Planning and preparing meals for the family with a crazy busy schedule

Mom playing with childTaking care of a family is a full-time job; it really is. Then let’s add two parents working full-time in addition. It’s enough to make your head spin a lot of the time so when people say ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I’m too busy’, I get it. I often feel overwhelmed when I’ve got a list of groceries and house chores and cooking and errands AND a cranky baby needing my attention..shall I go on? No matter your situation, I know you feel my pain. It’s TOUGH to grocery shop on a budget and cook healthy meals for the entire family for the week. Tough, but so doable. It’s taken a little bit of time for Alex and I to find the right rhythm for our busier lives now but we finally seem to have nailed it.

Our Method

We found an app that helps us communicate our shopping list. It’s called Wunderlist. Throughout the week when we think of something we need or find a yummy recipe or notice we’re out of eggs or toilet paper, we add it to the list in the app’s ‘shopping list’. When one of us adds the item it instantly populates the other person’s list with that item. It’s so nice because when Alex has a free hour to run and shop he can see everything we need. It pretty much put an end to the ‘shoot…I know there was something else we needed’, only to remember instantly upon leaving the store. Alex and I pick one or two nights a week and we both cook alongside each other making all the recipes we’ve picked out the week prior. When we finish we will package it all up in individual containers to bring with to work for the week. It makes it soooo much more simple in the morning! Just grab the pre-packaged, home cooked meals and go! No thinking or extra time involved.

Not only that but this allows Alex and I some quality time together while we cook. This has become one of our favorite things to do together because we know it’s a time saver, healthy for our whole family, and a great habit to get into for our future. If you’re struggling with finding some really tasty but also quick and easy recipes, visit our website (link below). We’ve got TONS of amazing foods we’ve cooked and photographed at home together and loved!

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