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Mommin’ ain’t easy

Maximized Chiropractic and a little bit of coffee helps.

If you or anyone you know are pregnant, a mama or someone wanting to live their healthiest life, I highly suggest checking Maximized Chiropractic out. Like, really, really, suggest it and I will tell you my personal reason as to why.

October 2018, Bentley was 3 1/2 – 4 months old and he was struggling a little bit. He was colicky and, man, did he spit up. It seemed as if he would just spit up all of his milk he ate, every time. I talked to his pediatrician, and she suggested medication. I automatically started asking tons of questions about side effects, prescription length, all of it. She, then, told me that she had also heard that chiropractic care could help but that she wasn’t sure. She gave me a prescription that I did not want to fill and I left the doctor’s office that day on a mission, I was determined to try to help my little baby boy without automatically putting him on meds.

Not too long later I saw a Facebook ad for a pediatric and pregnancy chiropractic office in Bismarck. I clicked on their page, read a bunch of reviews, talked to Jacob and decided that, yeah, we were going to go for it! I messaged them, set up our appointment and was super excited but also skeptical, because, honestly, how often do you hear of chiropractic care for a baby?!

Bentley’s first appointment day came, we walked in and were greeted by this smiling group of people, if you know me, you know I am an introvert when first meeting someone, so the smiles, they helped ease this mama’s mind. The office smelt like essential oils and felt a little homey. It was clean but it didn’t feel cold and bright like a hospital or clinic, it was comfy. We filled out all the papers and almost automatically were taken back to a room with Dr. Alex. He explained everything perfectly. Yes, he used the big medical words, but also made sure to explain it in a way scared, leery, skeptical, worried parents would understand. Basically he explained it as this, if your nervous system isn’t working to its full capability, how can you expect the rest of your body to?

Dr. Alex did Bentley’s first scan of his spine with his little tool and showed us the results, they were worse than I imagined them to be. B’s poor little spine had taken quite the hit during his c-section delivery because of the use of forceps. Dr. Alex told us to come back in a week for an appointment where he would be able to talk about our personalized plan. I’m not going to lie, this mama cried a bit after she left left that office that day, feeling brokenhearted that her itty bitty was “hurt” in the way he was, but also relieved that we had found someone to help fix it. We went back a week later, looked over Bentley’s personalized plan with Dr Alex, and went with it. Bentley spitting up decreased a ton, he slept better through the night and was just overall a happier baby.

Shortly into B’s chiropractic journey, I found out I was pregnant with Baby Yester #2 (aka Calliope). I started on a Maximized Chiropractic plan for my pregnancy. I had gone to my regular OB and told her I wanted to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) she was not supportive, I had wanted to attempt one with Bentley and she wasn’t supportive then either. I ended up going to Bentley’s next chiropractic appointment and just kind of venting to Whitney about the hurt I felt about not being able to go through that experience of birth. This is when Dr. Alex and Whitney showed their utmost, unbelievably amazing amount of support… they believed I could.

I switched OB’s after asking around and finding one who was supportive of VBAC’s. I followed through with my chiropractic plan for my pregnancy. Kaleb went through his care plan while I had him during the summer. Then towards the end of my pregnancy, I started getting scared, after laboring for 26 hours and pushing for 4 hours before getting rushed to an emergency c-section with Kaleb and having a scheduled c-section with B, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to have a successful VBAC. I was scared and I began doubting myself. It was then that my support system pulled through 110%, Jacob, my mom and all the staff at Maximized Chiropractic truly believed that I could. Their faith in my body’s ability made me less scared and more encouraged. By the time my last month of pregnancy came, I had little to no fear and tons of courage. Dr. Alex had made sure my body was aligned in all ways optimal for an easier birth and my support system was more than amazing. Not to mention, Calliope’s pregnancy was the easiest by far out of the 3 pregnancies I’ve had. My back and hip pain was almost nonexistent and it was just overall easier on my whole body.

I ended up pulling off a VBAC and it truly was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I, personally, never want to have a c-section again. I continued regular chiropractic care after Calliope’s birth, just to make sure my body was back to normal and functioning to its full capabilities. I mean, life with a newborn, one year old and five-year-old can be hard on a body. Calliope has been going to the chiropractor regularly since she was 4 days old. Whitney was more than amazing at helping me with breastfeeding (I’m still EBF and Calliope is almost 5 months old!). They helped recommend us to Brielle at All Smiles for Calliope’s tongue and lip tie, after getting that fixed, nursing became 27389x easier. It didn’t feel like a battle anymore, it feels natural, which is probably the way it should and I hope for that feeling to all breastfeeding mama’s out there!

I, honestly, cannot thank all the staff at Maximized Chiropractic enough. They helped empower me in ways I didn’t realize I needed to be empowered. I feel more informed about so, so many things, which has helped me make better, healthier decisions for my family and myself. They have helped me trust my mom intuition more than I used to. My kids rarely get sick, and when they do their recovery time is so quick! Bentley and Calliope have both graduated to Wellness Care and still regularly go. My kids are all living their best, happiest and healthiest lives.

All the staff at Maximized Chiropractic have made an amazing impact on my family’s life. They are compassionate, they genuinely care about your family, your feelings and your comfort in their care. They are all talented, gifted and amazing in ways that have continually helped my family. I am so glad that I saw that ad and took that leap of faith. Overall, I am so grateful to still be a part of the Maximized Family.

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