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It’s not the seed, it’s the soil. Why I’m not afraid of COVID.

Why I’m not afraid of the coronavirus.

How do we get sick? Usually we think it’s either germs, genetics, or just bad luck. But how we get sick actually boils down to what we are exposed to AND how resistant we are. In order to get sick, yes, we need to be exposed to a bacteria or virus. But that’s not enough. Do you know how many bacteria and viruses we are exposed to at the office? Tons. If getting sick was just a matter of how many times you were exposed to these things you would probably never see us. I have been in practice for 9 years and do you know how many days of work I have missed? Zero. Our bodies must also be susceptible to whatever bug you are exposed to in order to get sick.

Pretend for a moment you have a handful of seeds in your hands. Each one of these seeds has the exact potential to grow. If you were to throw these seeds in your backyard, odds are some of them will find the right combination of light, nutrients, and water to grow. But, some will land on a rock, some will get blown away and some will never get a chance to grow. This is because the environment was not allowing them to grow.

This is the part that is missed in terms of public health. It is not enough to be exposed to a virus or bacteria because your body must also be a favorable environment for the bug to grow.

Our job as individuals and parents is to help ourselves and our children become the LAST place a bug wants to invade. Instead of worrying about how many bugs your kids are exposed to, help make their immune system a superpower that kills everything that they find. Obviously, things like washing your hands and proper hygiene are important, don’t stop doing those. However, making healthy choices like eating well, regular movement, positive attitude, appropriate supplementation, and most importantly regular chiropractic care will all help make sure you and your child’s immune systems are ready for the fight. In the meantime our kids will be eating bubble gum they found on the street and licking applesauce off the floor in Target.

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