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How things are and how they could be...

Our society is bombarded with beliefs that focus on a quick fix of a symptom instead of getting to the root cause. When it comes to health, I would like to enlighten you on the most amazing healing power of all time. It has the ability to heal all your diseases, whether physical, mental, emotional, or chemical. It can fight off cancer, heal broken bones, overcome asthma, and so much more. Where is it? Is it expensive? Why hasn’t anyone ever told you about it? The best news is that it is completely free! You were given this amazing gift from the moment you were conceived, and it is called innate intelligence. It is the very power that took two separate cells and combined them to form this amazing human being. You didn’t need to tell your heart to take its first beat, your mother didn’t need to tell you to start growing limbs, your innate intelligence did all the heavy lifting for you. And that incredible power didn’t stop with you being born. It gives you goosebumps when you are cold, raises your core temperature to fight infections, regulates your immune system to battle cancer and disease, and controls every important thing in your body.

Born to Be Healthy

This innate intelligence does not need any help. We have been trained to think that our bodies and our babies’ bodies are inferior and need help from an external source to regulate all its normal functions. We have been taught that we need aspirin to get rid of a fever and a flu shot to ward off the flu. This belief system of constant medical intervention has led us to further long-term damage of our health. Our country is ranked 37th in world in health. Right behind Costa Rica and Dominica, and barely ahead of Slovenia and Cuba.  Maybe it is time to change the way we think. Maybe it’s time to question if what we are currently doing is working. We need to put our faith back in the innate intelligence that created us. That is exactly why I am here.

Why I strive to be the best. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with you- all your diseases, symptoms, and problems, we prefer to focus on what’s right with your body. We apply principles of health, life and longevity to allow your body to express its full potential. We do this by addressing the underlying cause of your problem and restoring your innate intelligence.

Countless studies have shown that a large percentage of children have nerve interference, specifically in the upper cervical (neck) region. Common complaints such as tonsillitis, colds, ear infections, sleep problems, intestinal problems, asthma, allergies, and so much more can be resolved through gentle specific chiropractic adjustments. You’re probably thinking “why has no one ever told me this?” Unfortunately I hear this far too often. It is exactly this reason that my mission is to spread this message of true health and the amazing powers of our bodies. I will not stop until every single person has heard the truth. Maybe someday we will live in a world free of pain and disease, could you imagine?

-Dr. Alex

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