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Looking for a place where you can be supported in the healthcare YOU want for your kids? Come see your chiropractor for kids in Bismarck, ND! Your child is your whole world. Sometimes we feel lost and confused about what is actually best for our kids. We get advise from our sister, parents, friends, doctors, google, and everywhere in between. Sometimes we need help Our office aims to help you find what works best for YOU! Parenting isn’t easy. You shouldn’t have to do it alone.

Is your space kid friendly?

Absolutely, we wouldn’t be a chiropractor for kids if it wasn’t! We love seeing your kids and family at our practice and making sure your time here is as fun and enjoyable as possible. There are giant train tables, a tree fort, a climbing gym, dinosaurs hiding everywhere and a slide where kids are encouraged to play. We have a fully stocked snack bar for those times when the kids are getting hangry and a prize machine when they are done for the day.

Whenever you are here you’re in a safe space and your kids are welcome to run around. They are always accepted for who they are. Our team members are happy to hang out with them while one of our doctors talks with you or for you to get time to relax on one of our hydromassage beds!

How long will the first visit take?

This is first time we dig deep to really get to know you and your child. We want to know your goals, dreams, and what makes you special. We want to know how you parent and where you would like help. We want to know your successes and your struggles as a parent. This visit very often includes some real emotion and tears! You will usually be in our office anywhere from 60-90 minutes on the first day.

What do you do on the first visit?

We use this day to get a better idea of how long it will take to reach your goals, how much it will cost, and how often we recommend your child to see us.

First we will talk about how life currently is for your child. This will help us get a baseline and to figure out healthy goals for them. Then we will conduct a thorough nervous system exam which includes scans. After that is complete we often begin care this visit with their first chiropractic adjustment. The adjustments for kids is extremely gentle and simple. It is very different than an adjustment for an adult. We take time to make sure your child is comfortable, feels safe, and is happy before doing anything.

For babies we also conduct a thorough oral exam to determine if they could benefit from our help. This includes evaluating their tongue and lip function and looking for ties, looking at the shape of their palate and finding any other problem areas that we can improve. These often affect both breastfeeding and bottle feeding and is a large part of your babies care in our office.

We also will evaluate your babies head and make sure the bones are moving well and are lined up nicely to potentially avoid problems with their head shape later on.

When can I see a lactation counselor?

You will always have access to one of our lactation counselors whenever you are in the office. There is no additional charge. They are available for latch checks, weighted feeds, nipple measuring, and any questions you have for them.

We also have a digital scale in our office that connects to your phone. This allows you to track your babies weight, sleep, and feeds!

What does the second visit look like?

This visit is slightly shorter than the first time you are in our office. We go over the results of your child’s scans and exam together during this visit. Our team used the information we discussed on our first visit together to create a plan of care for your child. We will go over this with you to show how we expect things to go and how long results could take. This includes how much it will cost and our recommendations for how often to see us.

What does each visit after that look like?

These visits take as long or as little as you would like! The best chiropractic adjustment in the world only takes a few minutes to deliver. Outside of that we are available to answer all your questions and help with whatever stage of life you are going through. You will also have the option to use a massage bed while we watch your kids every time you are here!

What are the “nervous system scans” you talk about?

In our office we utilize technology to help us get a better idea of how we can help your family. For kids that are too squirmy to sit still we use a thermal scan on their spines. This helps us understand how much stress is on their nervous system. For older kids that can sit still we also use a surface EMG. This will help show us patterns of muscle tension. Lastly, we use HRV to show us how much stress their body is under. All of these are very simple, painless, safe, and will help get us get to the root cause of their health concerns!

How often do you perform the scans?

Roughly every 12 visits to our office we take extra time to re-scan your child. We talk about what your original goals were when you came into our office and how their progress is coming along. We use this time to adjust their plan of care to make sure we continue to move forward!

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately, seeing a chiropractor for kids for anything other than musculoskeletal pain is NOT covered by your health insurance provider. That means unless your child is old enough to say “Hey mom, my neck really hurts” or something similar, they will not cover it (even then they will cover very little). Because of this we are not able to bill insurance for anything other than pain. “But my other chiropractor accepted my insurance for my baby!” Yes, we hear that sometimes. This is being done against insurance regulations, is unethical, and those offices are risking their insurance status by doing so. We see a very high volume of children and choose to play by all the rules. Thankfully, care in our office is extremely affordable. The cost for the initial visit is $150 and each visit after is $50. If you have any other questions, please ask!

How often will we need to see your child?

Somewhere along the line we all became very impatient with our health care. We want things fixed yesterday, in one visit, and we want someone else to pay for it. I get it, I can be impatient too, but healing takes time. Seeing a chiropractor for kids means your child will likely be seeing us 2-3 times a week until your family is meeting the goals you came in for. I would love it if I could go to the gym one time and have six-pack abs for life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Our office is NOT a “someone told me chiropractic could help my child so I’ll have them adjusted one time to see if it works” kind of office. Let me spoil the ending for you, it doesn’t work that way.

BUT if you are looking for a place that will truly take care of your kids, help your entire family reach a higher state of wellness, and will be with you every step of your journey then this is the place for you!

Do you ONLY see kids?

We get this question all the time. Our office usually has kids literally bouncing off the walls so it is easy to think we ONLY are a chiropractor for kids, but we see EVERYONE! We chose to specialize in kids, pregnancy, and family life. This means that if you are in that stage of life you will fit in very well here. If you are someone who doesn’t like kids then you probably won’t be comfortable here but we would happily see you.

Why should we see a chiropractor for kids?

From stressed out pregnancy to a delivery that maybe didn’t go as planned, your new baby has already been through a lot. Their tiny and delicate spines are developing and their nervous system is growing like crazy. This stage is THE most important time of life to see a pediatric chiropractor. It can help make sure your child starts their life with the best foundation possible.

What are some common issues you help with kids?

The confusing answer to that question is both none and all.

We aren’t treating symptoms or being magic fixes for anything. The only thing regular chiropractic adjustments do is make sure your child’s nervous system is working at 100%. But what does their nervous system do? Does it control their digestion? Their immune system? Their growth and development? Their sleep? Their hormones? The answer to all those and more is YES! So when your child has a healthy foundation through a nervous system that is working at its’ best, we often see many changes.

These can include:
-easier breastfeeding
-better sleep
-better digestion
-less reflux
-less gas
-less colds/ear infections
-calmer and more focused kids
-easier to adapt to new situations/environments
-a million other things!

When can I get my child adjusted?

It is safe and effective to see a chiropractor for kids as soon as possible. This often means we are the first stop after leaving the hospital (or home) after your new baby is born. All of our kids were adjusted for the first time when they were only a couple minutes old! This will help make sure any stress from birth or pregnancy is minimized and start the path to your child living a healthy life.

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