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Chiropractic for kids?! Three important myths that affect your child's health.

We often get different looks from people when they hear we are pediatric chiropractors.

“Why would a kid need to be adjusted; are they hurt?”

Pediatric chiropractic is widely misunderstood. There are plenty of myths, opinions, and rumors about it from well-meaning adults. Our goal is to change our community in Bismarck, ND, so let’s start today by explaining some of it!

Trusting the health of your child in someone you don’t know and something you don’t fully understand is scary! We want to calm your fears by busting three of the most common myths around chiropractic care for your child.

Myth #1: Kids don’t need chiropractic care

Maximized2019-340I put this first because I feel it is the most important. This myth started because most adults don’t begin to see a chiropractor until they are in pain. Since kids and babies don’t have pain very often, adults assume it’s not needed. It is easy for us to wait until we are miserable in pain and symptoms to do something about our health. When do you think those problems began? We don’t wake up one day with these things. They are the sum of a lifetime of waiting until we are sick to take care of ourselves!

Kids are very resilient, yes, but how many times has your toddler fallen off the couch? Off the swing set? Down the stairs? I have watched my kids do this around 17.2 million times per day (or so it seems). It is a “normal” part of being a kid! Could you imagine falling the way they do? How would you feel the next day if you did? Even though kids may not get “pain” from these falls, it is affecting their spinal and neurological health. These seemingly small things slowly add up to bigger issues down the road. Pediatric chiropractors specialize in making sure these stresses are minimized or completely removed. This helps your child grow and thrive the way they are supposed to!

“Needing” an adjustment doesn’t mean that your child is abnormal or something is “wrong” with them. It only means you are taking care of the most important part of your child’s body, their nervous system!

Myth #2: Chiropractic care for kids is dangerous

This statement almost always comes from a lack of understanding and a fear of the unknown. This is a totally normal response when we don’t understand something new. An adjustment by a specially trained pediatric chiropractor is extremely gentle. So gentle that sleeping babies often don’t flinch. We are trained to carefully, gently, and precisely move the bones in kids of all ages. One of the most common things we hear when a parent sees an adjustment for the first time is “That’s it? That was so easy!” While no health care is completely void of risk, I personally have never seen a negative reaction in a child in my office, nor have I heard of one from all of my pediatric trained colleagues. If you took an afternoon to shadow us in the office and watch us adjust so many kids, you would quickly be at ease!

Myth #3: Pediatric Chiropractors use the same techniques as on adults

This is another big area of fear from some patients. If a parent has been adjusted before, they assume it’s the exact same for a newborn or for a toddler. This is why you have chosen a pediatric chiropractor! We are trained in different techniques that are more gentle than many of the traditional techniques you are used to. The result is a very different experience for both the parent and the child. It is important to note that not all chiropractors are trained in pediatrics more than a short class in school. Kids are not miniature adults, and are never treated as such in our office. Make sure your child’s chiropractor is listed on!

I am a parent of 3 and could not imagine a life without regularly adjusting my kids. Not because it is “fixing” or “curing” problems, but because it is giving them the best start to life possible. When a child’s nervous system is free of stress and interference it is amazing what they are capable of! Has your child been checked by a pediatric chiropractor? If you are near Bismarck, ND, give us a call!

-Dr. Alex Coleman