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Here is Your Pregnancy in 3 stages

No matter what age or stage of life, can benefit from our chiropractic care

The thing I love most about chiropractic care is that ANYONE, no matter what age or stage of life, can benefit. Our specialty at Maximized Chiropractic here in Bismarck is pregnancy and pediatrics. If you’re planning on getting pregnant or already pregnant you have probably Googled for hours. You have seen stories or recommendations from other moms about how much chiropractic care during pregnancy helped make their pregnancy and delivery as comfortable as possible. So, let’s answer some of your questions about how chiropractic care during pregnancy can help!

1. Pre-Pregnancy

It’s an exciting time. You feel “ready” to have a baby. That’s great! There are some easy things we can help with during this stage.

Our brain controls everything. Every organ in our body is “told” what to do through the brain, spinal cord and connecting nerves. Your nervous system works similar to a garden hose; if you step on any part of the hose, the rest of the hose receives less water and does not work as well as it should. This same thing can happen in your body which will affect your health.

It is important to make sure that the nerves supplying your reproductive organs are working at 100% in order to create the perfect environment for conception. Regular chiropractic care removes subluxations of the spine and allows the nerves to send their messages without interference. This will allow your body to do the work it was meant to do!

2. Pregnancy

It’s an even more exciting time. Whether it took more or less time than you thought it would, it’s finally happened. You’re going to be a mom! That excitement quickly turns to questions like “Can I do this? Will I be a good mom? How can I be more prepared?” and a million other questions. This is a great time to make sure you have a team of people there to support you through this process. Your spouse, family members, OB/GYN or midwife, birth doula, and prenatal chiropractor are some great ones. This team is there to remind you that YOU are doing a great job and are prepared for the journey of motherhood.

Having a good prenatal chiropractor on your side is a decision that many moms make. Pregnancy places all kinds of new stresses on you. This stress will affect your health and the health of your baby. Our job is to find out how much stress this is causing on your body and remove it.

We are certified in the Webster Technique. This is the “gold-standard” of chiropractic care during pregnancy. It an extremely gentle technique that focuses on making sure your birth environment is as balanced and relaxed as possible. Your uterus is like a sleeping bag for your baby. This sleeping bag needs to be nice and relaxed. If it is too tight and uncomfortable it will affect your baby’s ability to turn head down. The Webster Technique will allow your hips and pelvis to be balanced which takes as much pressure off your uterus as possible. This will give your baby the best chance at have a great position prior to delivery. It also helps make sure your birth canal is as open as possible, making it easier for baby to come out.

Consistent chiropractic care during pregnancy will also make sure that your nervous system is working free from interference. This means that your uterus will contract more efficiently and the natural contractions your uterus has will help push baby down easier.

For all these reasons, moms who choose to see a prenatal chiropractor like us regularly through pregnancy experience shorter labor times, decreased pain during pregnancy and labor, decreased need of interventions, lower c-section rates, and an overall better birth experience. Even better, when your pregnancy and birth go so much easier, your child has a healthier start to life!

3. Postpartum

Many women think once baby is here, they are finished with care. If that thought has crossed your mind, please continue reading (and if it hasn’t, continue reading anyway!). Your body undergoes so many changes after having a baby, and unfortunately you don’t “bounce” right back to your old self once baby is here…even though I too, wish it were that easy! Your weight has significantly changed, center of gravity has shifted, posture has changed, ligaments are loose, and a wave of hormonal changes are about to hit like a freight train. And while all of this is happening, you now have a newborn to care for who requires attention in ways that are all new to you. Your new daily tasks involve holding a baby, feeding a baby in a hunched position, and learning to make it through the day on minimal amounts of sleep. The good news in all of this overwhelming mess, you have us. Postpartum chiropractic care helps to restore proper position of your pelvis, relieves upper back tension from holding/feeding baby and help your body to better manage stress. We care about our Maximized Families and want to make the transition to motherhood (or multiple child motherhood) as smooth as possible. Whether it is your first time or your 8th time, we want to help you get back to your “old self”. Our team is here to support you and help answer any of your “new mom” questions. Anything from a postpartum support system, breastfeeding and lactation questions with one of our lactation counselors, or how to handle the stresses (and joys!) of bringing home a new baby. We’ve got you covered and, of course, we’re happy to see your new bundle of joy too!

The value of regular chiropractic care throughout the entire pregnancy process is truly priceless. You may be surprised at how well your body can handle the changes and truly heal itself just like it was meant to do, as long as it is provided with the proper tools. No matter which stage from above you belong, we’re here to help by answering questions and helping prepare or restore your body during one of the greatest times in your family’s life.

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