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At Maximized Chiropractic we love when patients share their feedback after chiropractic care

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At Maximized Chiropractic we love when patients share their feedback after chiropractic care. Help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Maximized Chiropractic care.


What our patients say about us

I initially came to Maximized Chiropractic for prenatal care, postpartum care, and lactation support; but I found much more than that! The biggest thing I noticed was the sense of relief that I added to my village in raising a happy and healthy family. The sense of community and like minded support has exceeded my expectations and made a HUGE positive impact on our family!

- Brittany S.

Our family was referred to Maximized Chiropractic after having a tongue and lip tie release. We were looking for support and help with his palate, but we found much more than that! We would have never expected the tension in Beckham's neck to be a contributing factor to his attitude and overall well-being. We have a completely different kid and it all started after coming to Maximized!

- Mikayla M.

At a month old Julia was having a ton of gas pain and irritability. We felt like we had tried everything to help her and she was still pretty colicky. Once we started chiropractic care Julia started feeling much better! We found relief for her gas pains and also a huge support system at Maximized Chiropractic.

- Lexie H.

We started care at Maximized for newborn wellness and as she grew it turned into preventative care for ear infections and any other sickness she would encounter! You will never regret chiropractic care for your child. It's a special gift to help kids grow well adjusted and help their nervous system function at its full potential! Coming to Maximized is the best decision we've made for our kids.

- Miranda M.

Madilyn had a pretty traumatic birth and after recommendations we sought out chiropractic care. Almost immediately after starting care she gained better range of motion in both her arms and neck! She started having more consistency in her bowel movements and she was just a more settled baby after her very first adjustment. Maximized is a welcoming, wholesome, and loving environment and we feel like we were truly welcomed into the Maximized FAMILY. 

- Michaela B.

Everyone here truly cares for the whole family and treats each person individually. Often when finding care you can feel like just another number being shuffled through the schedule, but not here! If someone asked me about going to Maximized, I would tell them to run not walk because the overall health and well being of the family will be well taken care of.

- Robert B.

After starting care, I was able to sleep better and be more active during my pregnancy. Now that I am postpartum, I notice that when I get adjusted my mind is more clear and all the tension releases. Not only do they provide personalized care, but the doctors also teach you what your body is telling you and ways to maintain health at home. It is not just an adjustment, it is an investment!

- Hannah L.

We initially came to Maximized because our 6 week old daughter was having issues with gas and was very fussy. In the first few weeks of receiving care we noticed a HUGE difference in her comfort and she is a super happy baby! Maximized has been the best resource for our questions and concerns and have helped us feel more confident in our parenting.

- Karli F.

We initially came to Maximized Chiropractic after battling multiple ear infections! After starting our care plan at Maximized we noticed a huge change for Hadlie. She started to experience LESS ear infections and interference in her health overall. I would highly recommend Maximized to everyone!

- Sadie S.

A friend had told me about Maximized Chiropractic during my second pregnancy and noticed a huge difference! My first pregnancy I had so much swelling, my joints always hurt, and I was very uncomfortable all the time. This pregnancy has been the complete opposite! The care is so personal and one on one. They know you by name and you can fully trust they will care for your family while in the office.

- Kayla B.

We struggled for months with slow weight gain, breastfeeding, gas issues, and poor sleep. Unfortunately, we felt our concerns were dismissed by many professionals until we found our dentist and Maximized. The Maximized office has always been such an uplifting environment to enter! The staff is so kid and genuinely cares about each patient that enters.

- Kaylyn C.

We started struggling with breastfeeding early on and our daughter was a very gassy, fussy baby. No matter what we tried she was unhappy and we felt so frustrated that we couldn't console her. A friend had referred us to Maximized and I wish we would have found them sooner! The staff genuinely listened to our concerns and cared about our family! Our family has been thriving since starting care at Maximized!

- Katelin M.

We started care at Maximized when E was 6 weeks old. He had terrible reflux, wouldn't nap for longer than 10 minutes, and was struggling to gain weight. After getting adjusted he began sleeping longer and feeding better because there was less stress and tension on his body. The support and encouragement we received as first time parents was everything we needed. I have decided to make my health a priority and get adjusted too!

- Paige S.

After my first couple appointments I started to notice relief for my pregnancy pain. I got adjusted on a regular basis and was extremely happy with how welcoming and personable the care at Maximized is. When we had our baby, my husband and I decided to give her the best start to life and get her adjusted too! I truly believe our regular adjustments have been super beneficial to my daughters development and my wellbeing.

- Jacey C.

Chiropractic helped me so much through my pregnancies and yoga teaching. My kiddos love going to Maximized- probably for the snacks and toys, but for me they sleep better and are rarely ever sick. As a mom there is nothing I appreciate more than people who are patient and welcoming towards my children. I tell everyone you will not regret starting care at Maximized! It's like a small vacation parents!

- Mariah E.

Everyone at Maximized is so amazingly kind and genuinely care for me and my family! I can’t recommend them enough! I would recommend them on the chiropractic care alone, but they have so much more to offer than that! They have helped me so much throughout my pregnancy and being a first time mom. They also helped me feel so empowered and supported with the health decisions I made for my family.

- Kelsey

Highly recommend seeing Dr. Kelsey & Dr. Alex they are amazing & professional! The office staff are incredible super friendly and always make you feel welcome. They’re understanding, empathetic, & flexible with scheduling and know things come up unexpectedly as a parent with many other roles. The aesthetic of the office is awesome and makes you feel relaxed. Such a great team!

- Ali

Great family friendly environment. Extremely knowledgeable staff. Explains everything in great detail and makes sure to answer any questions or concerns. They provide much more than chiropractic care and always go above and beyond for their patients. So happy my son and I go to Maximized!

- Cierra

Our first time walking into the clinic they greeted my son and I both by first name. Gave us a tour of the clinic and 100% have made us feel like a part of their “family”. We got a cute personalized letter in the mail and I’ve never been more impressed by how a clinic treats its patients. Not to mention the amazing 10 minute hydro bed massage that Mom gets complimentary each visit!! Highly…

- Melissa

I started going to Maximized while pregnant with our twins….what started as a weekly adjustment became so much more when they welcomed us into their Maximized family. They’ve become our friends and the doc office my kids get excited to go to! We absolutely love the entire team and cannot recommend enough!!! If you want a better, different experience, these are your people!

- Ashley
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At Maximized Chiropractic we love when patients share their feedback after chiropractic care.