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Birth Plan Assistance in Bismarck

You are pregnant and probably realized there are an insane amount of questions to be answered and decisions to me made. You know when you do something major and look back and say “If I only would have done it this way instead”? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could speak to your future self ahead of time? That’s what we aim to do. We are a team of pregnancy-focused chiropractors, an experienced labor and delivery nurse, lactation counselors, and above all else, parents. We will guide you through what to expect in your birth journey and guide you to making your own informed decisions. Most of the moms who come to Maximized Chiropractic want more of a natural approach which we are able to offer.

What to Expect During a Birth Plan at Maximized Chiropractic?

Whitney Coleman, will sit down with moms-and-dads-to-be for an extremely thorough consultation that usually last around an hour. She will answer all questions and discuss every stage of the birth process with the parents. This helps new parents feel more confident and comfortable with the decisions they make.

If you’re not sure what kind of birth you would like to have Whitney can help you make an informed decision for yourselves. Remember, this is YOUR birth, being educated and informed can help you have the birth you want!

Having a birth plan in place is vital and valuable. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Whitney!


Postpartum Services

After your baby is born, we provide additional supportive services including
lactation counseling and well-baby checks to ensure your new bundle of joy has the best start in life!

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