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Birth Planning Bismarck

Baby trying to walkAccording to the American Pregnancy Association, “A birth plan is a simple, clear, one-page statement of your preferences for the birth of your child.” Most of the moms who come to Maximized Chiropractic want more of a natural approach for their delivery yet we always will respect your decision.

What You Can Expect During the Consultation

Whitney Coleman, who is a labor and delivery nurse, will sit down with moms-and-dad-to-be for an extremely thorough consultation. She will ask about 150 questions and discuss every stage of the birth process with the mom.

Creating a Plan That’s Right for You

If you’re not sure what kind of birth you would like to have Whitney can help you make a decision. After she has met with you and gotten the answers to the questions, she will create a birth plan that you can give to the OB team at your hospital.

The consultation takes about an hour, and there is a fee.

Having a birth plan in place is vital and valuable. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Whitney!

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