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About Us

We believe in health. We believe in happiness. We believe in a brighter future.

Since Dr. Alex Coleman opened our beautiful and welcoming practice in 2013, we’ve been passionate about helping patients live life to their full potential—whatever that is. As a father of two, Dr. Alex is dedicated to his children; that dedication has carried over to his young patients. He’d like to make sure that every child in the community gets the support and care they need to live a happy and healthy life.

Offering a Different Type of Health Care

If you’ve been seeking a natural alternative to conventional health care that relies on drugs and surgery, you’ve come to the right place. Maximized Chiropractic wants to be part of the solution. Our desire is to positively impact the health of our community. If we can start even before kids are born (with a pregnant mom), we can affect the health of those in Bismarck. Kids who grow up being comfortable receiving chiropractic care can enjoy health for a lifetime!

Featuring a Kid-Friendly Environment

We love seeing kids at our bustling and upbeat practice and making sure their time here is as fun and enjoyable as possible. A giant train table is featured in our reception area where kids are encouraged to play. Plus we hide toy dinosaurs in random locations throughout the clinic. Children love finding the dinosaurs and hiding them in different spots. It’s just one of the many small ways we show we care!

Parents are told that whenever you’re here you’re in a safe space and your kids are welcome to run around; they are always accepted for who they are. Our team members Whitney and Karly will hang out with your kids while Dr. Alex talks with you.

Providing Patient-Focused Care

You’ll never be a number or a symptom at our practice, but instead, a cherished patient who will always be treated like family. We aim to give a great patient experience every step of the way—from the moment you call us on the phone to world-class service that goes above and beyond what you might get at another practitioner’s office.

Are you ready to take that first step toward getting on the path to better health? Contact our chiropractic office today to schedule an appointment!

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