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A Mother's Intuition

Moms are being lied to. Maybe some of it isn’t intentional. Maybe it’s indifference. Maybe it’s unwillingness to change. But it’s still a lie. One of the most powerful parenting tools is a M O T H E R ‘ S I N T U I T I O N.

You KNEW something wasn’t right. Yet one of the biggest lies comes packaged as reassurance. “Your baby will grow out of it.”

Your baby doesn’t sleep at night? “It’s OK, they will grow out of it.”

Your baby spits up all the time? “Stop worrying, they will grow out of it.”

Your baby is bloated, constipated and in pain? “It’s fine, they will grow out of it.”

Runny nose again? Another ear infection? “It’s normal, they will grow out of it.”

The meltdowns, the tantrums, the 2 hour bedtime routine. “It’s just a phase, they will grow out of it.”

Why are moms so conditioned to doubt their instinct rather than ask questions about their child’s health? You were right. You ARE right. Your maternal instincts and your kids’ health are under attack. There is a devastating checklist of stressors that almost every baby and child must endure. Nobody is talking about them and they are affecting EVERY child!

  • Fearful and intervention-driven pregnancy
  • Birth trauma
  • Vacuum extractions
  • Over-utilization of antibiotics and other meds
  • Environmental toxic chemicals
  • Chemical rich foods
  • Screen time
  • Severely limited physical activity
  • Emotional stress

All of these challenges will overwhelm the brain. When this happens, the body’s “fight or flight” response kicks in.

During fight or flight….

  • Sleep patterns shut down – sleepless nights
  • Digestive system slows down – colic, gassy babies, reflux, constipation
  • Immune system stops working very well – chronic colds, ear infections, croup, allergies, asthma
  • Senses heighten exponentially – anxiety, stress, meltdowns, SPD, ADHD

Pediatric chiropractic care is designed to calm this response and remove stress on your child’s brain and nervous system allowing them to thrive. The answer has been here all along.

You were right. You ARE right.

Doctors were looking at your child’s symptoms.

You were looking at your child.

Your child wasn’t growing out of symptoms, they were growing INTO bigger challenges. At the heart of so many health challenges is a brain and neurology that has been chronically irritated and overwhelmed. The fact that these are common doesn’t mean that it’s OK for your child.

“They will grow out of it” is more of a dismissal blanketed in hope.

You were right. Your instincts are right. You deserve a doctor that not only listens, but respects what you as a mom are “hearing” from your child.

We are here to listen and we are here to help.