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5 reason why your newborn needs to see a pediatric chiropractor

Why so many of your friends have been taking their kids to a pediatric chiropractor?

Have you ever wondered why you see so many kids going to a pediatric chiropractor when they aren’t complaining of back pain? Why so many of your friends have been taking their kids to a pediatric chiropractor? The health benefits reach so much further than pain. Our job as a pediatric chiropractor in Bismarck, ND is to educate parents how easy it is to keep your child healthy with gentle chiropractic care.

What is chiropractic for kids?

Chiropractic is based on the delicate relationship between the spine and nervous system. When a child is faced with major traumas (like birth, bad falls, accidents) or repetitive traumas that seem minor (like learning to walk, bumping their head constantly, etc) it can cause the spine to create interference with your child’s nervous system. This interference can be like static on a cell phone making it difficult for your child’s brain and body to communicate properly. This is the system that controls EVERYTHING! And when a child is growing and developing, their brain and nerves are working like crazy. If the interference is left unchecked, it can create health problems. Things like ear infections, allergies, colic, bed-wetting, sensory processing disorders, difficulty breastfeeding, and the list goes on. Realistically, anything that the nervous system controls can be affected, which again is everything. That is why parents with children of all ages have trusted pediatric chiropractors like us for generations.

So, let’s talk about when the most important times are for your child to get checked

1) Birth
This is THE most important time in your child’s life to be checked. The trauma experienced by mom and baby during the birthing process is so severe and yet so often overlooked. Sometimes things like forceps or vacuum extraction make it easy to see the physical stress that can be caused, but most times it goes unnoticed. The amount of traction (pulling on the head and neck) that your brand-new baby has to go through is the same as putting a 30-50 pound weight vest on your child and picking them up by the head. The same thing goes for babies born via caesarean section. Since our babies can’t talk, it’s easy to overlook this trauma. But as a pediatric chiropractor, I am able to remove the damage and restore the function of your child’s nervous system.

2) Using their head
When a baby is born, they have one primary curve in their spine. When they start to use their head, the curve in their neck (called cervical lordosis) begins to develop. This causes a lot of strain and tension in their delicate spine and nerves. If this tension is left, it can cause the curve in their neck to not develop properly. This curve is the closest to their brain and is very important to their overall health.

3) Sitting up by themselves
This second stage of spinal curve development creates the curve in your child’s lower back (called lumbar lordosis). This creates tension and strain in their lower back and sacrum.

4) Learning to crawl
A baby learning to crawl properly is very important for the development of their balance and coordination. The cross-crawl way that they move their arms back and forth triggers their neurological development. If there is interference when this is happening, it can cause problems. This is also when they start to tumble and fall creating new spinal problems.

5) Learning to walk
This is a big one. When kids are ready to walk, their neurological development is extremely important. We have nerves in our body called proprioceptors. These nerves are responsible for balance and coordination. Since these are still developing when your child learns to walk (along with tons of other nerves important for walking), they are very wobbly and fall over a lot. When there is interference in these nerves it can delay their development. Since they are falling like crazy, they are also creating new damage and interference that needs to be corrected.

What does chiropractic care for your kids involve?

First, we perform a thorough examination and consultation with you and your child about the pregnancy, birth process, and their overall health so far. Then we have state-of-the-art scanning technology that is able to find and measure any neurological interference without any radiation or extra cost. Then (sometimes even the same day) we are able to gently correct any issues we find. There is no “popping” or twisting involved and every adjustment is tailored for the individual. We use extremely light touch, often times the child doesn’t even notice.

How can I tell if my child has spinal problems?

This is the difficult part that is often times unnoticed. The best way to know is to be evaluated by a pediatric chiropractor. There are some signs that can indicate problems:

There are also common childhood conditions that can be linked to neuro-spinal problems:

Call us to schedule your child’s first adjustment. It will likely change your lives. We are in Bismarck, ND. If you are a parent that lives somewhere else we are happy to find a great pediatric chiropractor for you!

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